Dr Pierre Vereecken is a certified specialist in dermatology (general, aesthetic en corrective), but also in cutaneous oncology. Dr Pierre Vereecken created Cliderm (Clinics in Dermatology), an international network of dermatologists, as well as the European Institute for Dermatology Practice and Research, a multi-faceted structure to promote clinical dermatology and dermatological research in the European Union.

With his experience, training and professionalism he has been offering his patients high-quality medical care with a human face since 1991. For both adults and children, both frequent (psoriasis, eczema…) or rare cases, he diagnoses and treats skin, nail and scalp diseases.

He also takes care of prevention and screening of skin cancer and treats patients suffering from precancerous and cancerous afflictions (actinic keratoses, carcinomas, melanomas, Merkel tumours, lymphomas…).


Dr Pierre Vereecken is at your entire disposal for:

  • Dermatological surgical interventions
  • destructions of cutaneous lesions by means of freezing, electrocoagulation, CO2 laser…;
  • curettage ;
  • exereses of cutaneous lesions (with or without reconstruction)…
  • Non-surgical aesthetic interventions (injections of hyaluronic acid and botox)

With precision and in all safety he uses the most recent, high-performance and innovative technologies available (pulsed light, lasers, dynamic phototherapy …). In co-operation with expert laboratories he meticulously analyses every lesion. He also accompanies and rigorously monitors every patient.

Dr Pierre Vereecken is available for consults in his home practice in Anderlecht, as well as in Etterbeek, Schaerbeek and Woluwé (Reyers Boulevard at the Vergote Square).

Call 0497 47 77 77 or 02 792 62 22 for all your questions and appointments. Also visit www.dermatologist.be. Dr Pierre Vereecken will gladly inform you!






Vereecken Pierre: your dermatologist & oncologist in Brussels!